Palliative Care Resources

Current News and Information

This section features current news and research regarding the development and provision of palliative care programs and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palliative care programs have grown rapidly in recent years in response to both growth in the number of persons living with chronic disease and/or life-limiting illnesses and to the medical community’s interest in developing effective approaches for the care of such patients. Recent New York State legislation has also stirred conversation and interest in palliative care as a valuable component of health care for all state residents. As a result of this legislation and the continuing questions surrounding palliative care, it is more important than ever before to demystify the term by providing information and resources that answer these basic questions for all residents of New York State.

NYS Palliative Care Collaborative

The NYS Palliative Care Collaborative, co-founded by HPCANYS and the American Cancer Society‘s Cancer Action Network, was formally launched on November 24, 2014. The Collaborative recognizes the need for greater education among healthcare professionals and the general community about what palliative care provides and when it is appropriate. We also realize that patients, families and caregivers can be a powerful force in articulating the importance that medical care must be coordinated with emotional, spiritual and social support. Health providers and faith communities also play key roles in palliative care advocacy.

Legislation and Regulatory News

Here you will find information on recently proposed bills, updates on bills in process and notification when a bill has passed the house and the senate and been signed into law.

Member News and Updates

In the last 10 years, the number of palliative care teams in hospitals has doubled nationwide. Community-based palliative care programs and services have also been growing in number. We believe that it is important to keep our members informed about what other palliative care programs are doing across the state. In this section, you’ll find news and updates from our members.

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