The Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State (HPCANYS) is a not-for-profit organization representing hospice and palliative care programs, allied organizations and individuals that are interested in the development and growth of quality, comprehensive end-of-life services. 

Member services include advocacy, education, public engagement, communications, peer groups, and technical assistance: The Association provides a strong, active voice for patients and their families. We advocate for public policy - both state and federal, and legislative and regulatory - that promotes accessible, quality, end-of-life care.

The Association promotes research and supports public engagement activities that bring the hospice and palliative care message to the public.

Professional Education is a priority for the Association and we offer a wide variety of educational programs to meet the needs of our members. View our Calendar of Events.

Our members stay informed on the latest developments through: Directors' Memos, for fast-breaking updates; The Hospice Network News, a weekly summary of local, state and national news coverage of issues that are of interest to hospice and palliative care leaders; and The Reporter, a HPCANYS quarterly newsletter.

The Association provides technical assistance on a broad range of topics and issues.

HPCANYS is a not-for-profit organization.  You can request a copy of the latest filed 990 by calling the number below or by sending an email to info@hpcanys.org.

HPCANYS is proud of its many collaborations and partnerships, which are the keystones to achieving our mission. Read more about our accomplishments in our Annual Reports.

Annual Report 2020 - 20212


Jeanne Chirico, MPA
President & CEO 
Cheryl A Kraus, Esq.
Director of Government Relations (Policy & Advocacy) 
Kimberly Ryan
Education & Membership Coordinator