HPCANYS 2018 Interdisciplinary Seminar & Meeting

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HPCANYS 38th Annual Interdisciplinary Seminar and Meeting will be held on April 11, 2018 in Saratoga Springs, NY.

***A Note About Our Venue***
Due to water main break at the Gideon Putnam Hotel, we are moving the location of our meeting

The new venue is the Saratoga Casino Hotel. All events, including the Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon will take place there. The hotel will honor the $119/night rate offered by the Gideon Putnam. Make your reservations here.  Click here to find out more about the hotel.


Pre-Conference Session April 10, 2018
This year, all registered attendees are invited to attend a FREE full day pre-conference educational session, “Why QAPI is Unsustainable: Becoming a Highly Sustainable Organization by Using the IDG  to Achieve Compliance,” sponsored by the Joint Commission.  This session will explore how to use the IDG to achieve regulatory compliance and how relying solely on a QAPI program to achieve compliance may leave your program vulnerable to deficiencies. The speakers will also address change acceleration management and managing the human side of your agency’s business. The session will provide a framework for transformational leadership to help your agency to dynamically incorporate change. This event will be held April 10, 2018.

Main Conference: April 11, 2018
Our keynote speaker for April 11 will be Patti Moore “No Mission, No Margin”

How do you practice care with competence? Hospices today must determine what people need and want, but at the same time, you must look to innovation. If you don’ keep trying to be the best, you are vulnerable to new players coming in to fill the gap.

“To be successful today, hospice leaders must be strategic, pragmatic and innovative. They must find creative ways to offer meaningful care to people at the end of their lives, within the parameters that the rates and regulations allow.”

Patrice “Patti” Moore, RN, BSN, MSN, ARPN, is President and founder of The Watershed Group, a strategic consulting company that for the past 18 years has helped hospice leaders build successful businesses focused on increased productivity, cultural alignment, and financial success using care, compassion, respect and empowerment.

Prior to staring The Watershed Group, Patti led a hospice with three employees that grew under her care for 16 years to become one of the largest nationally recognized community-based hospice organizations in the US.  For more information about Patti and The Watershed Group’s vision and mission, visit: www.thewatershedgroup.com



A-1  The Joint Commission
A-2 Training the Next Generation

A-3 Keynote Follow-up

A-4 Spiritual Care

B-5 Delirium Management

B-6 OMIG Audits & Compliance

B-6 OMIG Audits & Compliance, handout 1
B-6 OMIG Audits & Compliance, handout 2

B-7 Hospice & I/DD Patients

B-8 Caring for Children at EOL

C-9 Strong RN Case Management

C-10 Regulatory Update

C-11 Language Matters

C-11 Language Matter, handout 1

C-12 Underserved Populations

D-13 Perinatal & neonatal hospice & palliative care

D-14 There is no “I” in Team: ALS Conversations

D-15 Community Capacity Building

D-15 Community Capacity Building, handout 1

D-16 Stories of Hope

Final program