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Hospice of Westchester

1025 Westchester Avenue
Suite 200
White Plains, NY 10604

Mary Spengler
Chief Executive Officer

Hospice of Westchester is a support and care program for people with incurable disease and their families. We recognize dying as part of the normal process of living and focus on maintaining the quality of life despite a terminal illness. We celebrate the joy of life and the dignity of death. We offer care aimed at helping the patient live as fully and comfortably as possible using pain control and other palliation techniques. We offer support group workshops to care for families and caregivers.

Counties Served

Volunteer Coordinator: Bruce Page

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Get In Touch

Phone: (518) 446-1483  |  Fax: (518) 446-1484  |  Email Us

Call 1-800-860-9808 for information about hospice in your area

Where We Are

2 Computer Drive West, Ste 105

Albany NY 12205

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