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Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

300 Corporate Blvd. S.
Yonkers, NY 10701

Gordon Hutcheon, MD
Medical Director

The Pediatric Center of the New York Foundling, a specialized pediatric nursing and rehabilitation facility, is dedicated to helping infants, children, and adolescents with complex medical conditions and disabilities achieve their highest potential and enjoy the normal pleasures of childhood. Our Pediatric Palliative Care Program addresses the needs of children who have life-limiting medical conditions and their families, providing conventional and alternative treatments for pain relief, family-centered care planning, and bereavement and spiritual support. Children in our Palliative Care Program are mainstreamed in the Pediatric Center and receive education, recreation, and rehabilitation along with other children as appropriate to their individual abilities and needs. Interdisciplinary teams of caring professionals work together with families to give each child the best possible quality of life.

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2 Computer Drive West, Ste 105

Albany NY 12205

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