Emergency Preparedness

Resource Toolkit for Home Care and Hospice

HPCANYS is pleased to present you with the following tools that will help your hospice be compliant with Emergency Preparedness requirements and or will be a resource for patients and their families. 

Primer on Home Care and Hospice Emergency Preparedness in New York State is a thorough booklet on all you should use and consider for emergency preparedness in the home based setting.  Originally prepared by HCA and HCP, it was updated recently with HPCANYS input.   

The US Department of Health and Human Services has published a document that can be helpful for hospice providers in the development of their emergency preparedness plans.  This is called  Medical Surge and the role of Home Health and Hospice Agencies.     The document provides key findings on the preparedness of at home service providers and suggestions on improving.  
Also from US Dept of Health and Human Services, there is a document published 11/2019 called Hospice Requirements CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule updates the CMS requirements for hospices related to Emergency Preparedness as a result of the Burden Reduction Rule.  This is an easy, all in one place, resource for Emergency Preparedness. 

Family Emergency Planning Resource Guides, a 2 page, concise hard copy guide for assisting families in planning for any emergency, complete with listing medications, family contacts, and medical supply questions, to name a few, are available via the HPCANYS office.  Please contact Kim Ryan:  kryan@hpcanys.org to order your hard copy at $.30each, plus $10.00 shipping & handling.