COVID 19 Resources for Hospices

HPCANYS will post on this page, information related to COVID 19 relevant for hospice and palliative care providers.  Your will note that we are attaching links to bring you to either DOH, NHPCO, CDC or CMS for the source documents instead of posting them because they are changing and being updated regularly.

NY DOH COVID website for providers:
  • DAL:  updated DHCBS 20-08 dated 3/22  go to Health Commerce system for now
  • Interim CHHA Guidance:  includes a screening algorithm and when to wear a mask during a visit
  • Interim Guidance: NEW 3/31/2020 updated: Staff Return to work after positive test-  log into Health Commerce System - for all sectors of essential workers.
  • Interim Guidance:3/31/2020 Health Advisory: Updated Protocols for Personnel in Healthcare and Other Direct Care Settings to Return to Work Following COVID-19 Exposure or Infection  Applies to all health care workersAvailable on the Health Commerce System 
  • Process to ask for PPE   and hotline for non NY City is  
  • NY Medicaid Telehealth rules- 3/31/2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Medicaid Telehealth Guidance during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) State of Emergency.
NY State website for concerns for providers only

DOH 3/23/2020 -1135 CMS Waiver Request: includes hospice:

CMS Blanket Hospice Waivers: 3/29/2020 )

CMS: Requests for Advancing funds 3/20/2020:
CMS : Provider Burden Relief FAQ's March 2020: 
CMS Answers NHPCO Questions on Flexibility NHPCO requested additional written clarification on flexibilities for hospice. Today (3/24/2020), we received the following email from     CMS:We [CMS] are aware of the need to issue additional guidance to hospices about the flexibilities already included in the CoPs when it comes to determining on a case-by-case     basis how a visit should be made. As we [CMS] stated on the call [with NHPCO], the hospice CoPs don’t specify how or how often direct clinical visits are made. Hospice providers     are required to provide services that meet the needs of the patient based on the plan of care that is person-centered and individualized. CMS encourages hospices to address     these issues on a case by case basis and make sure to document how the hospice is meeting the goals of care in a safe and appropriate manner. We are working on issuing     revised guidance, but do not have a projected release date at this time.
CMS: 3/23/20 Nursing Home Survey documentation that specifies on page 8 that hospice can visit
CMS Guidance for hospices: Hospice guidance:


FEMA- NY- how to apply for monitory assistance- briefings are available

Telehealth guidance

NHPCO COVID Resources:
CDC: Website:

CAPC has multiple resources:  and search for COVID 19.  symptom control medications, referrals to palliative care, a toolkit, etc are there and being updated frequently