Member Benefits

  • Advocacy on behalf of the membership, including legislative (federal and state) and regulatory issues.
  • Professional Education through the Association’s annual conference as well as seminars and workshops.
  • Timely communications through the Association’s quarterly newsletter and Directors’ Memos, and weekly Hospice News Network.
  • Outreach to the community – through its 800 number and presentations to community groups, the Association helps educate the public about the benefits of hospice and palliative care.Peer groups – the Association provides opportunities for peer groups, e.g., billers, finance officers, etc., to meet on a regular basis for education and the sharing of information and ideas.
  • Technical assistance on a broad range of issues is provided upon request.
  • The Association serves as a liaison to national, regional, state and local health care providers and associations.

HPCANYS 2015 Return on Your Investment (ROI)

Your HPCANYS membership dues are an investment not only in the future of your organization, but also in the future of hospice and palliative care. In today’s ever-changing health care environment you can’t afford not to be a member of the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State.

The many achievements outlined in this ROI would have been impossible without the commitment and support you provided through your membership and engagement in the Association’s advocacy, education, and community outreach efforts.