Emergency Preparedness

H1N1, Pandemic & Seasonal Flu Vaccination & Immunization Educational Materials

Immunizing in Home and Community Based Care

NYSDOH H1N1 Influenza Pandemic Retrospective

Pandemic Flu Hospice & Palliative Care Facts

Protecting Your Patients From Influenza

Seven Truths About Influenza Vaccination of Healthcare Workers

HPN/Health Commerce System (HCS) Information & Training Tools

Health Commerce System (HCS) Portal Orientation Guide

HPN/ HCS Cheat Sheet: How do I?...

HPN/HCS Role Assignment Instructions

Role Lookup Tool Training

HPN/Health Commerce System (HCS) Alerts

HPN Alert 6-30-10

HPN Alert 6-11-10

HPN Alert 5-7-10

HPN Alert 4-23-10

Access to Services

Clinical Services Annotated Literature Review

Curriculum Plan for Non-Providers in In-Patient Settings Caring for Pandemic Flu Patients

Decision Making Algorithm

Learn more about palliative care

List of Statewide Providers

Palliative Care and Hospice Inpatient Curriculum Design - Caring For Pandemic Flu Patients

Palliative Care Resource Directory Listing

Pandemic Flu, Hospice and Palliative Care Fast Facts Brochure

Pandemic Resource Directory Listing - Access to Hospice Services in New York State

What is Hospice? A Fact Sheet.

What is Palliative Care? A Fact Sheet.

When to Call Hospice?

When to Call Palliative Care?


Pediatric Toolkit

Severe Symptom Management Chart for Adults and Children

Severe Symptom Management Chart for Adults and Frail Elders

Bereavement Resources

Bereavement Follow-up Form

Bereavement Referral Form

Grief and Bereavement Web Resources to Aid Adults

Grief and Bereavement Web Resources to Aid Children

Pandemic Flu Grief and Bereavement Project Annotated Bibliography

Script for Bereavement Volunteer