Upcoming HPCANYS Events
HPCANYS Finance Officers Meeting
Oct 2, 2014 - Hilton Garden Inn, Troy NY 12180
   Benchmarking and Metrics

Speakers: Kimberly Skehan & Lisa Lapin, Simione Consulting

Hospice Inpatient Levels of Care & Continous Home Care: How to Meet Patient Need Without Breaking the Rules
Oct 9, 2014 - Webinar
   CMS has concerns about the potential overuse and lack of use of the hospice general inpatient level of care.

HPCANYS Executive Directors & CEOs Retreat
Oct 16, 2014 - Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY 12180
   The need to identify and anticipate normative changes as the health care balance shifts, economic interdependencies deepen, business models mature and technologies emerge places enormous pressure on the executive leadership. HPCANYS' Directors' Retreat provides a space for leaders to interact in a confidential, "think tank" atmosphere where they can present challenges and opportunities to one another for information sharing and seasoned, practical advice from others.

This event is limited to Executive Directors/CEO's of Hospice & Palliative Care Program Members Only!

HPCANYS Leadership Institute
Oct 17, 2014 - Hilton Garden Inn, Troy , NY 12180
   This conference is designed to provide leaders and emerging leaders in the field of hospice and palliative care with concrete leadership strategies to enhance their knowledge and provide a platform for future generations of outstanding hospice leadership.

My Life My Choice: Navigating the Challenges of End-of-Life Decision-Making
Oct 23, 2014 - Webinar
   Program Speaker: Tani Bahti, Pathways Education & Consultation in End of Life Care, LLC

Detailed program information coming soon!

Yes You Can Soothe Smooth & Improve Difficult People
Nov 6, 2014 - Webinar
   Program Speaker: Susan Keane Baker

Detailed program information coming soon!

What Keeps Your CEO Awake at Night? Find a Cure!
Nov 13, 2014 - Webinar
   Program Speaker: Carolyn Merriman & Jill Stratton, Corporate Health Group, LLC

Detailed program information coming soon!

HPCANYS Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care (HIPPC) Training Providing Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care
Nov 20-21, 2014 - Holiday Inn Rochester Airport
   Every day families are faced with the heart breaking news that their child is seriously ill; in New York State, approximately 2,200 to 2,400 children and infants die each year form congenital and chronic conditions, including cancer. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that children living with a life-threatening or terminal condition have access to quality pediatric palliative care throughout the course of their illness. The interdisciplinary team approach for both the child and family is what sets an excellent pediatric palliative care program apart. This two day training will focus on how disciplines overlap and support each other to provide optimum care for children at end of life.

Continued Survey Readiness
Dec 4, 2014 - Webinar
   Program Speaker: Sharon Litwin, 5 Star Consultants, LLC

Detailed program information coming soon!

HPCANYS Chaplains Peer Group
Dec 4, 2014 - NYC
   Detailed information and registration coming soon!

Troubleshooting the HIS
Dec 11, 2014 - Webinar
   Program Speaker: Katie Wehri, Wehri & Associates, LLC

Detailed Program Information & Registration Coming Soon!

HPCANYS Clinical Peer Group
Dec 12, 2014 - Hilton Garden Inn, Troy NY 12180
   Detailed information and registration coming soon!

HPCANYS Interdisciplinary Pediatric Palliative Care Faculty Development Training
Apr 22-24, 2015 - Rochester, NY
   HPCANYS is seeking palliative care professionals in NY State who are established in their field with a desire to achieve a higher level in the practice of pediatric palliative care and to engage in the development of a statewide professional support network.